Social Media

How are you bringing them back to your site to buy?

How will my business benefit from social media?

Establishing active accounts on popular networks improves SEO visibility.

Connect and engage with current and potential customers, find out what your customers really think about your product or service.

Create a community fan base for your business.

Expand the reach of your current content including blogs, webinars, and your website.

Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and mix of other highly regarded social networks within your marketing mix provides the opportunity to build relationships with your prospects and clients.


Social Media Marketing Programs

Repurpose Your Content
  • Looking to extend your existing print, email, broadcast campaigns into social media? We’ll advise and develop a social program tailored to your target audience that delivers results.
Social Content Distribution
  • Got content? Let PermissionDIRECT help you syndicate that content across multiple online outlets from podcasts (iTunes) to YouTube; the possibilities are endless.
Develop and Manage Social Marketing Contests/Promotions
  • Want a viral campaign or to host a social contest? Are you looking for photo or video campaigns? There are many options available today. We’ll help you define your goals and create a promotion that translates into real sales.
Social Media Plan Development and Implementation
  • Confused by the range of social networking tools available? Not sure how any of this can help your business? We will help you clearly define your social media plan, goals and objectives as it relates to your overall business goals and create a plan that fits your budget, experience level, and needs.
Setup & Maintain Accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & more!
  • Don’t have time or budget to hire an extra person to setup, manage, and maintain your social network accounts? We’ll setup and manage your brand across the most relevant networks and keep them up to date for you. Whether you seek a completely “hands-off” approach or wish to have help while you learn, we can help build your audience and make sure they remain your loyal fans and followers.
Socialize your web presence
  • Do you have a website or blog but aren’t leveraging the latest available social tools to get more traffic to your site? We are happy to convert or modify your existing web presence to help you get the most out of your social networking efforts. Have a web designer you love but need help project managing revisions that support social media? We’re happy to work with your internal or external web teams to provide expert advice and direction.
Social Contests & Promotions
  • Got a great idea for a viral video or photo contest? Exclusive deals for Twitter or Facebook connections? We will guide you through the process and help you implement a solution that captures leads and converts them to customers.
Measure/Monitor/Analyze Social Performance (ROI)
  • Wondering what your competitors are doing with social media? Do you know what your customers are saying about your brand? User generated content and comments can hurt your business if you don’t respond. We analyze what your customers are saying about your product or service and help you create a plan for positive word of mouth, ratings, and reviews.
Social Event Marketing
  • Planning a trade show, webinar or conference? We can generate buzz and excitement before, during, and after the sessions so you get the most from your investment. From tweet-ups to on-site interviews, we’ll help you plan an event they’ll remember and talk about.

According to a new published report by Social Media Examiner:

Marketers who invest the most time in

social media marketing gain the most

business partnerships. Of those with 3

years or more of experience, 62%+ saw

new partnerships. However, more than

half of marketers who’ve invested at least

1 year in social media marketing also

report that new partnerships were gained.